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M - Meetings
I - Incentives
C - Conferences
E - Events

It is aptly said that, "If you do not travel you have just read the cover page of the book". To explore the entire book one has to travel around. Travel and tourism are flourishing every trade. New aspects and attributes are added to make this forte convenient for the clients.

One such aspect is of MICE. The acronym MICE stand for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. It is particular type of tourism wherein huge groups are planned in advance for attaining some particular purpose.

It is in fact well planned programme that has definite theme around which the entire tourism agenda is weaved. Such theme can be anything, education, job and hobby related topics.

Here the special cream layer of people of the tourism industry makes arrangements of planning, booking, arranging conferences, seminars and other related activities. It has diverse fortes including meetings of corporate houses, meetings of convention departments of hotels, food, beverage managers, logistics firms, local tour operators, tourism boards, trade organizations, transfer companies, incentive houses, travel and selling professionals. All these people those connected with MICE are from large corporate agencies.

With ever increasing need of meetings, incentives, events and conferences for business purpose and is related with travel for business every section of MICE holds equal and individual importance. It has grown to become service industry that envelops 3T's and one F that are vital for travel related business which are trade, transportation, finance and travel into one single core.

MICE meetings can be formal or informal union of persons called to discuss some issues or problems and take necessary actions or decisions. Corporate meetings, non corporate meetings, Academic conferences etc. forms part of this forte.

Incentive component of MICE involves a type of employee reward offered by the company for materialising fully well said job or attaining or exceeding the targets that were set or doing the job well. This type of tourism is conducted for entertainment only and is not concerned with professional and education aspects.

MICE conferences or conventions are normally known as multi day events that are witnessed by over hundred of delegates and dignitaries for the purpose of discussing and exchanging business information. The main difference between meeting and conference is the difference of number of members and the duration of the event. The meeting have few members and comparatively less duration as against the conventions.

MICE events include any events viz. corporate events, sports events, launching event etc. A MICE event is mirror reflection for an overall image of the city as it epitomises the image of people, history, culture and economic and tourists attractions.

MICE tourism is out of the box forte with its own trade shows and programs. Its events are bid by special convention bureaus nestled in particular countries and cities that are formed with the sole purpose of bidding the MICE events.

The process of marketing and bidding is done in advance of the actual event and the period can be even several years before the actual event. MICE tourism is known for its accurate planning and demanding client base.

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